Contract Process: For Rent

 We want to help you.

 To start your life in a new place, we will follow these process.


01 Inquire

Route21 has properties in Naha-City where the largest city in Okinawa at all times,

catering to the expatriate’s needs.

Whether you already know what you are looking for or you are having difficulty

making a decision, call or send an Email so one of our bilingual agents can take

care of any questions or concerns you may have.

If your lease will be a corporate contract, information about your company

requirements would be helpful to provide our best proposal of properties.

When you are available for a viewing, your agent will come to pick you up at your

residence or hotel.


02 Viewing

The majority of the properties have a no shoes rule. It is highly recommended to

wear shoes that are easy to take off and to wear comfortable clothes.

The agent will make all the arrangements for viewings. Please keep in mind that

there may be time restrictions for properties that are not vacant or are managed

directly by the owner.

Not only should you check the sun light, and the lay out but there will be several

questions that will arise when you actually see the property.

Please do not hesitate to ask your agent. We are there to answer.

03 Application

Once you have found something you like, inform your agent. You will need to put in

an application form to inform the owner that you would like to rent the property.

The application is not an official contract but more like a letter of intent.

Provide as much detail as possible and discuss any irregular requests or information

with your agent in advance.

Your agent will put every effort into fulfilling your requests but during the

process of negotiating, may offer other options or compromises.

Please take weigh all options and take everything into consideration when making

your decision.


04 Sining the Lease
Real Property

Once you have reached an agreement with the owner, you will need to review the

draft of the lease agreement and will be sent a detailed statement of the expenses.

The lease agreement and will most often be in Japanese and will be signed under

Japanese law.

There are some cases where an English translation is available.

Please have all necessary documents ready to submit at the time the lease agreement

is signed.

Once the lease agreement has been signed, please process the necessary payments and

apply for house insurance.


05 Moving in

The moving in date is stipulated on the lease and should be confirmed before the

lease agreement is finalized.

Some apartments have strict regulations for moving companied and schedules.

Please confirm with your agent in advance.

You will also need to make arrangements in advance for utilities, internet,

telephone, and television.

On the day of the hand-over, your agent will be present to carry out a pre-move in

damage inspection.

A record as you will need it when you vacated the residence.

If you own a car, you will also need a parking permit.

Contact your agent for details.