Central area



Central Okinawa encompasses Ginowan City, Chatan Town, Kadena Town and Yomitan Village on its west coast, the Katsuren Peninsula on its east coast and Okinawa City in between. It’s also home to one of the biggest U.S. military bases in East Asia, Kadena Air Base. Boasting a large foreign population, including U.S. military personnel and also immigrants from various countries around the world, central Okinawa has an atmosphere all its own, where Western features are harmoniously integrated into the traditional Okinawan townscape. Each of the central Okinawan municipalities has its own unique charms. Offering a complete convention facility, Ginowan City plays host to a large number of international conferences and events. Chatan, on the other hand, is a popular shopping and dining destination with myriad shops and restaurants. Chatan is also home to Mihama American Village, a large commercial area comprising multiple shopping malls. Yomitan has a rather relaxing country atmosphere, and a number of art studios are scattered around the village. Okinawa City is known as a music mecca where a variety of musical events take place all year around.